Supervision is a requirement for therapists, however it can also be an enriching arena for personal and professional development. I provide a safe space for my supervisees to explore their potential and bring themselves and their client work transparently for exploration.

I work with counsellors and psychotherapists, both individually and in groups, from a wide range of backgrounds, from therapists in private practice to NHS therapists and non therapeutic professionals.

My own background is in Gestalt and Body Process psychotherapy and CBT and I have a range of experience in other therapeutic modalities. I also co-deliver diplomas and various workshops such as Working with Trauma, Working with Adult Clients Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse (Workshops) and Working with Young People (Diploma).

I am a group and individual supervisor at the Dartmoor Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy and a group supervisor for Counselling for Carers.

I charge £50 per hour for supervision.


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