I stumbled upon this page several years ago, and found it very helpful in many ways, it wasn’t linked from anywhere that I could find, just a random page waiting to be found. I don’t practice all of the things linked here, nor do I agree with all of them. I do however respect the original author enough to keep the pages name the same and the list complete while sharing it with others.

How to Meditate
Dharma Media
Buddhist Meditation
Learning About Lovingkindness
Mindfulness In Plain English
Dharma Talks
What is Meditation
Buddhism discussion forum
Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive
Tibetan Buddhism
The Science of Meditation

Rolfing Structural Integration
Shamanic Journey
Soul Retrieval
Vegetarian Diet
How To Juice Fast
Reincarnation and Past Life Therapy
Near-death Experiences
Spiritual Purification


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