Character Structure Research

Before You Begin


Have your two photos ready to upload and saved somewhere where you can find them easily.

Take the photos with a camera set to its lowest quality setting or a camera phone or webcam, images must be less than 1500KB (1.5MB) in size. To find out how to check the images size click here.
Alternatively you could simply use this simple Image Optomizer, the default settings (Quality: Normal, Width: 1200, Height: 900) creates nice small image files which you can download and use.

The point of the research I am doing is to look at body structure, for this reason please wear tight fitting clothes, leotards, shorts, swimming costumes, etc when taking the pictures so that the outline of your body is obvious they will later be rendered as silhouettes to protect your anonymity.

Only click the submit button once unless instructed otherwise by the page, when uploading your pictures it may take a few minutes depending on your connection speed and the size of the images.