Web Development

I was given my first computer in 1981 when I was about 13, it was a Sinclair ZX-81, one  of the first ‘home’ computers available to buy. I believe that my watch has more processing power than that computer had even with an upgraded memory module! Back then I remember reading a computer magazince article which was accompanied by a picture of a man floating in space reading a screen which was explaining to him that “work was a four letter word”, the implication was that in the near future no one woud have to work any more because computers would do everything for us, that prophesy hasn’t been fulfilled yet unfortuantely… Later I owned Sinclair Spectrums, Acorn Atoms, and Commodore Amigas among others before eventually getting my first ‘real’ PC with Windows 3.1 OS, it had a massive 512MB hard drive and IIRC 12MB memory, my mobile phone is more powerful now.

I taught myself lots of stuff over the years and in 2001 even tried to set up a business building websites for people, ironically I officially started-up the business on April 1st 2001, I should have taken that as a warning. April 1st 2001 was the same day that the tech stock bubble burst, not the best of days to start a IT company no matter how small. As it went, I lasted about 6 months, and ended up with nothing but a huge debt.

Building web sites is a very much a hobby now, I do it for relaxation, I know that some people won’t understand that writing code is relaxing, but it fills my mind in a similar way to playing music does for some people (I was never competent enough at to have playing music become a relaxing passtime), or knitting. I find that when people want to pay me to build sites for them there are always expectations which I am never comfortable with, oddly, when I offer to do it for free many people refuse and go off and find someone to pay to do it for them instead.

So at present I maintain maybe half a dozen sites for myself and a few for other people, I have links to all of my sites on the links page so feel free to go and have a look around them, bear in mind that some of them are over 10 years old now and are definitely showing their age, I am unlikely to bother tarting them up though, the subject matter of a few is no longer of any interest to me (eg. Babies names). Some of them are supported by ads, so if you see a link to something that interests you click through and take a look and I’ll earn a few pence towards paying the hosting fees.


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