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Much to my horror my favourite Tao Te Ching site disappeared one day. All I could do was make my own to replace it.
Tao Te Ching

I started Empty Chair in 2006 as a place for counsellors to talk about counsellory stuff, I decided right from the beginning that I wouldn’t make an effort to advertise it and would instead just let it grow naturally, or die.
Empty Chair UK Counsellors Forum
I have closed this site down sadly.

I started the bog in an attempt to keep track of all of the little tags I put in books, like those tags it doesn’t get very much attention at the moment, something I will address at some point I’m sure…
My Very Underused Blog

Jane introduced me to birds, interesting little things, this site is where we are keeping track of the ones we have seen (and photographed), it hasn’t been online for very long and we haven’t had a camera lens long enough to take photos of birds at a distance for very long either.
Bird Spotting Blog

A rather abortive attempt to create a directory of counsellors in the UK, no one really finds it and those that do don’t seem to use it. This site may well disappear next time the domain needs to be renewed.
Counsellor Name Directory

Just for fun really, I don’t pretend to be able to create a website which can foretell the future!
Rune Cast

One of my oldest sites, now in it’s third incarnation and unlikely to ever be remade again. I originally built this site in 1994 when Jane was pregnant.
Babies Names A-Z


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